Basic Info

Hallenbad or Officially The Democratic Communist Republic of Hallenbad (Hallenier Alphabet:Дhээй чmh¬) is a large Democratic Communist country on the NationsGame. The Capital City of Hallenbad is called Kradena (Бth¬йч) it has a population over 6 million, a very Strong military and a booming economy. Hallenbad is situatied on Wesberg. It is part of the Union of Communist Nations or UCN. It was once part of the UoN however. The UCN is an Alliance with the goal of uniting different socialist and communist nations in NationsGame so that they can all support each other when in wars and can give advice. Hallenbad is made up of the main island and a smaller island called the Cobloestein Hallinier Communist Republic (Another Island of Hallenbad, Ruled By Hallinier Government).

Map of Hallenbad

This is the Map of the Main largest island of Hallenbad, It is made up of 15 Okrorgs, the biggest is the Supreme Okrorg, the smallest is the Uswesh Okrorg, and the Capital City of Hallenbad, Kradena is in the Kradena Okrorg.

The People of Hallenbad are called Hallenier's.

The National Anthem of Hallenbad is called "The National Anthem of the DCRH". It is the melody of the USSR Anthem with Changed Lyrics.


English and German are the Official languages of Hallenbad and most people speak them both very well in the DCRH. However it is not wrote in the Latin Alphabet. Hallenier Citizens read and Write in the New and Old Hallenier Alphabet. The Old Hallenier Alphabet is no longer the Officail Alphabet used, The New one replaced it. But it can still be found all across the Country.

Old Hallenier Alphabet (No Longer the Main Used or Official Alphabet.)

Hallenbad in the Old Hallenier Alphabet: ɥɐןןǝuqɐp

New Hallenier Alphabet (Replaced the Old one and is the Main and Official Alpahbet)

It is a mix between Cyrillic, Latin and Hallenier Letters. It is very hard and complicated but is the writing system ued by Hallenier Citizens.

Hallenbad in the New Hallenier Alphabet:Дhээй чmh¬

The Hallenier Secret Service

The Hallenier Secret Service, Or HSS, Or in the Hallenier Alphabet "Дhээйчгйt Фйёtйщ Фйtюгёй" It is known as the ДФФ. The Hallenier Secret Service is responsible for Crime Secen Investigation, Foreign Affairs, Spying on Enemy Nations, Giving Allies Information and Counter-Terrorism.

Government and Country Info

The DCRH is ruled by the Democratic Communist Government of Hallenbad, which is Ruled by the Democratic Communist Party of the Hallenier Empire. Hallenbad is a One-Party Federal Democratic Communist Nation so the DCPHE is the only ruling party. The Armed Forces of Hallenbad is the military that Supports hallenbad and goes against other nations and also supports UCN members. The Hallinier National Football Assosciation is what rules over the DCRH National Team and the Club League Team.

The Hallinier Empire has, in recent years, been cursed with frequent rebellions, such as those on Tind, leading to the creation of Shyish.

The Government Of Hallenbad is based in the Capital called Kradena, the government building is called the Supreme Communist Chamber of Ruling.

The Hallenier Air Raid System is the Network of Sirens that are activated if any UCN Members are declared on. The HARS was put in place on the 31st of July 2018.

The Hallinier Empire (DCRH and the Other Nations ruled by Hallenbad). is made up of Hallenbad and other nations ruled by it, those nations are called HCR's (Hallinier Communist Republics) they have there own Democratic Communist Government which are ruled by the UCN and the Government Of Hallenbad. The full name of the Hallinier Empire is: The Great Hallinier Empire of Hallenbad and the Hallinier Communist Republics. The Democratic Communist Government of Hallenbad has the final say over every single HCR's government and everything the HCR's government do.

Hallenbad is made up of 18 Okrorgs, this is a list of all of them.

Listern Okrorg, Kradena Okrorg, Libernan Okrorg, Supreme Okrorg,

Cobloestein HCR

This is the Map of Cobloestein Hallinier Communist Republic (Cobloestein HCR) this is a smaller island close to Hallenbad that is ruled by the Government of Hallenbad and the Communist Party of the Hallinier Empire. It is made up of 3 Okrorgs, so in total the DCRH has 18 Okrors in total.

Gersermad Okrorg, Gale Run Okrorg, Foscia Okrorg, Agad Okrorg, Cruirus Okrorg, Ascela Okrorg, Eclain Okrorg, Uswesh Okrorg, Kobloestein Okrorg, Bostrana Okrorg and Ocriycia Okrorg. The other three Okrorgs are on the Cobloetein HCR island and they are called, Ostor Okrorg, Ustos Okrorg and Subros Okrorg. These are the Terroritories that make up the DCRH, they do not have their own government like a lot of federal states, they are ruled by the Democratic Communist Government Of Hallenbad and the UCN. They also do not have their own police force. The whole country of Hallenbad has Two Police Forces. The Western Federal Hallinier Police Force, which rules over the western part of the Okrorgs, and the Federal Hallinier Police Force which rules over the Eastern Okrorgs, the east of hallenbad is where the government is situated and where Kradena is situated in the Kradena Okrorg. The Western Police Force is based in Smallingtown in the Gersermad Okrorg, while the Eastern Police Force is based in the town of Lichten in the Listern Okrorg. The Federal Hallinier Police Force (Eastern) is the police force used on the island of Cobloestein HCR, this is because Cobloestein HCR is east of the main island, there is also a main station for the police force on the island, located in Kensignton in Oster Okrorg. there are also statinons scattered in towns across Hallenbad.

History of the DCRH and the UCN

Hallenbad was founded by Leader Sam J when he came across a remote Unclaimed island in the Atlantic Ocean, he came acorss one big island that is the modern Hallenbad and he also found another smaller island which he claimed as Hallinier Territory which will be part of Hallenbad. But he didn't care much about the smaller island, he worked on starting the nation of Hallenbad and the bigger Island, the Armed Forces was Started, the Government of Hallenbad was setup, and the Democratic Communist Party of Hallenbad was set up officially. He then started getting a permanent population in hallenbad, people starting moving there after they heard how good of a concept this country could be, they signed up for Hallinier Citizenship and were now Citizens of Hallenbad, the Government of Hallenbad now were building the Communist Society that Modern Hallenbad is based on now. The Government starting building the Military and Means Of Production, in Hallenbad the Means of Production are owned by everyone and are controlled by the state, the main difference between Hallenbad and other Communist Countries is that Hallenbad is based on Democratic Communism where the public gets to vote on whatever happens in the country, they can also vote for what leaders they want to represent them in the Communist Party of Hallenbad. The Leader Sam J started an Alliance to Unite Communist/Socialist countries together so that they can trade goods and Defend Each other. This alliance was named the "Union of Communist Nations", Newly Founded Countries started joining the UCN and the UCN started growing quickly, one of the main goals of the UCN is to grow each each others nations. The Government of Hallenbad then gave Hallenbad an Official Name, the "Democratic Communist Republic of Hallenbad". The 15 Okrorgs of Hallenbad were then officially created and the Capital City was offically named Kradena. Once the 15 okrorgs were laid out the Hallinier Government wanted the other Smaller Island now and they wanted to make it part of the DCRH and divide the island into 2 or 3 Okrorgs, But another Person had said that they claimed the island and that Hallenbad never had owned it, but in reality Hallenbad had owned the island from the start, this Unrecognized nation was called the National Socialist Regime of Gooberfunk, it was a Fascist Nazi nation. All Nazi nations are enemies of the DCRH and the UCN, and this island was also claimed by the Hallinier Government as well. This Nation had one soldier with one tank and one AN-94 Rifle, the Hallinier Military was much more advanced so this was an easy win. The Hallinier miltiary rolled up with 3 Plump Tanks and 2 Full Divisions of Soldiers. There was one person shot and killed by the Hallinier Armed Forces, then the Gooberfunk rebels retreated. Hallenbad now had Complete control over this land. This small island was turned into the Cobloestein HCR (Cobloestein Hallinier Communist Republic) This island is made up of 3 Okrorgs and is ruled by the Government Of Hallenbad, the Military of the Cobloestein HCR is the Armed Forces of Hallenbad and the UCN. The Federal Police Force (Eastern) is the police force on this island as it is to the east of the Main hallenbad island. The UCN was disbanded on August 2nd, 2018 and no longer exists. All members joined the Union of Nations. Then on the 7th August Leader Sam J left the Union of Nations to Re-Form the Union of Communist Natinos.


The Military of Hallenbad, Officially Called the Armed Forces of Hallenbad (Htый¬ Яxtёйol xя Дhээй чmh¬) is the military of the DCRH. It is one of the high priorities of Hallenbad and is always training. The AFH will soon beome a huge powerful military, with more F-22 Raptors expected to be made, GEARHOUND WarHeads are expected to be made and Avengers.

*the swastika on the flag does not mean nazism, it means peace, it is a japanese symbol meaning peace. This is not a national socialist nation.

The Descirption of Hallenbad on the NationsGame Page

About Hallenbad

Hallenbad is a coastal industrious and sprawling socialist nation ruled by Prime Minister Sam J. Its capital Kradena is situated on the temperate continent of Westberg.

Hallenbad is a member of the alliance Union of Communist Nations.

The world-covering borders of Hallenbad surround innumerable forests, numerous jungles, many mountains, some deserts, innumerable cleared land, numerous lakes, numerous rivers, numerous grasslands, some tundra and innumerable urban areas.

The known flora is very diverse and includes a few rubber trees, a few grapevines, a few herbs, many apple trees, a few cacti, a few kingwood, some oak trees, some hops, some silk and numerous cotton.

The known fauna is very diverse and includes a few buffalos, innumerable deer, numerous cows, many sheep, some boars, some goats, a few beehives, a few yaks, some foxes, innumerable panthers and many elephants. A few mackerels, a few cods, some whales, a few sharks, innumerable salmon, innumerable shrimps and a few clams are found outside the coast of Hallenbad.

Under the surface the geologists have found tiny amounts of iron, some coal, tiny amounts of uraninite, tiny amounts of stonesilver, tiny amounts of sulfur, tiny amounts of saltpeter, tiny amounts of marble, tiny amounts of copper, some gold, tiny amounts of silver, tiny amounts of platinum, tiny amounts of bauxite and a decent amount of lead.

Like few other nations loads of crude deep sea oil and little petroleum is found within the Hallenier borders.

The technological advancements of Hallenbad is adequate, and their military power is adequate.

Flag of the Government of the DCRH

Flag of the Government and Democratic Communist Party of Hallenbad.

Emblem of the UCN
Emblem of the UCN and hallenbad

This is the Emblem of the Armed Forces of Hallenbad.

Flag of the DCRH National team military and club team

This is the Official flag of the Armed Forces of Hallenbad and the UCN, the Football team of Hallenbad and the Club League Team of Hallenbad, It slightly differs from the flag of Hallenbad and the UCN because it has a Canton of the old hallenbad flag in the upper left - hand corner and also does not have a hammer and sickle symbol only a star which represents the UCN.

Official Flag Of The Democratic Communist Republic of Hallenbad

This is the old flag of Hallenbad, it was only used for a few days and then it was taken down. It can still be used as an unofficial flag though.

Hallenbad 600k Celebration Flag

This is the 600k Population Celebratory Flag for when Hallenbad hit 600,000 Hallinier Citizens. It is currently being used for 2 days to celebrate 600k Population. There will be a brand new and improved flag for when the Democratic Communist Republic of Hallenbad hits 1 Million Hallinier Citizens.