Hallenbad or Officially The Democratic Communist Republic of Hallenbad is a small Democratic Communist country on the NationsGame, it has a population over 150k, a weak military and not much money, it is in the starting stages of the NationsGame. It is part of the Union of Communist Nations or UCN. The UCN is an Alliance with the goal of uniting different socialist and communist nations in NationsGame so that they can all support each other when in wars and can give advice.

*the swastika on the flag does not mean nazism, it means peace, it is a japanese symbol meaning peace. This is not a national socialist nation.

The Descirption of Hallenbad on the NationsGame Page

"Hallenbad is a coastal industrious and barren socialist nation. Its capital Kradena is situated on the temperate continent of Westberg.

Hallenbad is a member of the alliance Union of Communist Nations.

The tiny borders of Hallenbad surround many forests, some mountains, many cleared land, some lakes, some rivers, many grasslands and some urban areas.

The known fauna is not very diverse and includes a few cows and some sheep.

Under the surface the geologists have found tiny amounts of coal.

The technological advancements of Hallenbad is backwards, and their military power is weak."

Flag of the Government of the DCRH

Flag of the Government and Democratic Communist Party of Hallenbad.

Emblem of the UCN and hallenbad

This is the Emblem of the Union of Communist Nations and Hallenbad.

Flag of the DCRH National team military and club team

This is the Official flag of the Hallinier Military, the Football team of Hallenbad and the Club League Team of Hallenbad, It slightly differs from the flag of Hallenbad and the UCN because it has a Canton of the old hallenbad flag in the upper left - hand corner and also does not have a hammer and sickle symbol only a star which represents the UCN.

Official Flag Of The Democratic Communist Republic of Hallenbad

This is the old flag of Hallenbad, it was only used for a few days and then it was taken down. It can still be used as an unofficial flag though.