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Iron Horsemen, also known as Apocalypse Now before, is a small but powerful alliance, grown up to 660k GP only with 8 alliance members. Ruled fairly and justly by Fatboy (Rowdy), it was stable until other members had gotten the filth of greed and the hunger for power. After the peak of Iron Horsemen, Rowdy chose to leave on his own accord due to the fact that others leaked information out of a discord channel that Par created. Par, being the traitor and liar, chose to create a wiki to burn off his anger. However, an extremely savage Ugandan Knuckles had to come in to fix everything up.


Late July, 2017 - Founding of Apocalypse Now

The Triarii was disbanded because Ruberia, the founder's nation had expired. Fatboy (Rowdy) created Apocalypse Now and Par, New Deutschland (IDykes) and Xion (Raymond2468) requested to join, while other Triarii members went into Legion.

Early to Mid August, 2017 - Merge with The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood was re-founded by ALPHA EMPIRE. He talked with Fatboy about two alliances merging. In Mid August, they merged. However, only Fatboy and Par joined, New Deutschland and Xion created their own alliances - The Devout and The Ascendancy.

Late August, 2017 - Found of Iron Horsemen

ALPHA EMPIRE was banned because of having multiple accounts, which he did not have 2 accounts, but his nation was not deleted, so The Brotherhood was not deleted, and Technomatica became the leader. A very short time later, Technomatica was attacked by multiple nations from Legion and SPQR. Technomatica tried to save the whole alliance in different ways like changing the alliance name to Brothers in Arms and begging Stian and SamohT to unban ALPHA, but all failed. The Brotherhood was disbanded, and Rowdy founded the Iron Horsemen. Par went to The Devout, and The Ascendancy was still there.

Late September to Early October, 2017 - Merge of three alliances, Apocalypse Now 2.0

Par, the leader of the League of Faith (IDykes renamed The Devout at some point in time we are not exactly sure about) and the leader of The Ascendancy started speaking about a merge with Iron Horsemen. In Early October, the three merged and created the full Iron Horsemen.

Mid October 2017 - Peak of Iron Horsemen

Mirror Landings and Terek, both strong nations, joined at roughly the same time, and Iron Horsemen peaked at this time, with over 660k GP.

Early November 2017- Struggles

Mirror Landings got auto-deleted because of inactivity, and Terek left while creating his own alliance, Knights of Petram. Iron Horsemen suddenly got a GP loss of around 250,000 in a few days.

Mid November 2017- Treaty signed

On 16th November, 2017, Union of Germanic Powers was created. 4 alliances were in this mega-alliance: Iron Horsemen, League of Nations, United Flock of Quackers and Knights of Petram. It was a MDP (Mutual Defense Pact) between 4 alliances. It was formed to help Par get over the fact he was rediculously weak at the time.

Mid December 2017- War

Terek activated the MDP with Iron Horsemen, as Iceland and Francia attacked Knights of Petram. This was a real war- and Iron Horsemen became strong for about 2 days.

Mid-Late December 2017- Iron Horsemen Apocalypse

Rowdy got into the Nationsgame discord and had said that he wanted to see legion disperse because, they had too much power and had pacts with other top alliances, which meant that 90% of the power in this game was aligned together, sucking the fun and life out of the game. But Par's lies caused the Iron Horsemen NAP draft with Legion to break. Par also got members of the alliance to leave. But, he was kicked out of the alliance for executing actions as smart as eating bricks would be. Many of them joined Legion and SPQR, but also some created their own one. Then, on Christmas Eve, Fatboy declared war on Par because of the reason 'Destroy The Traitor'. (See Main Wars)

31st December 2017- New Iron Horsemen

After the war was poorly proceeded, Par created New Iron Horsemen in hopes of regaining power and control, and to try and replicate the what sort of a home he had.

Purpose of Iron Horsemen:

  1. To create a alliance with active members, not inactive and having free defend from strong alliance members.
  2. To develop a strong military and an alliance that is not afraid of war, an alliance of nations that want to have fun in a war game instead of it being treated like farmville as most nations do.

Main Wars of Iron Horsemen

1. Iron Horsemen, Legion, SPQR and MEU agression against 中國黑社會 (Chinese Mafiz)

Kawaki, the person that has caused a lot of troubles to the Nations community since Beta days (2015), came to the game again. This is the third account of him, after Hasaka (Shu) and @ (_Unkn0wn_). This is agiants rule 2.4.1 of Nationsgame Terms of Service:

2.4.1 Multiple accounts: A user is strictly not allowed to operate more than one nation at any given time. Users are not allowed to operate and share accounts/information with one another.

However, since mod tools, which is the only thing to ban him/her is out of order at that time. Fortunately, the major alliances accepted to wreck this person and his whole alliance. The second major reason is because Chinese Mafiz is a really aggressive name, harassing 1.3 billion Chinese citizens.

With defend help from Legion, Par declared war on Jericho on 12/10. Thanks to Kawaki's siege bug (a hack being illegally used), which makes him/her cannot defend, Iron Horsemen won 5 battles without a doubt, and Jericho was being annexed by Par on 17/10. Then, Terek declared a 1v1 on Kawaki, but Kawaki deleted his nation in the war, and Chinese Mafiz was dissolved. Iron Horsemen won.

2. Operation: Thunderstrike: Iron Horsemen aggresion against Union of Fascist States plus Official Revenge of Post Oak United Nations

This war could be traced back to late May. At that time, Union of Fascist States invaded Post Oak United Nations. POUN was dissolved at mid June then, and every member wanted a revenge. In early November, Aldren, the leader of POUN was back, and Iron Horsemen, at that time, already had a plan for attacking. So, on 5th November, Terek declared war on LegionaryCanada and Fatboy declared war on Menoob. Terek invited Par, and Fatboy invited Terek. LegionaryCanada was on vacation, and Iron Horsemen successfully annexed them. However, when LegionaryCanada was back, he declared a revenge on Iron Horsemen. Then, Iron Horsemen successfully agreed to have peace between both of them, as Union of Fascist States has a MDP with SPQR (Senatus Populous Que Romanu) and Iron Horsemen cannot beat them.

3. Iron Horsemen Civil War (Destroy The Traitor)

Please read 'Iron Horsemen Apocalype' before reading this.

Rowdy thought that Legion and SPQR (Major alliances) was his enemy and wanted to attack them, however, if you actually thought that was true, your IQ is below sea level. When the major alliances finally are going to operate and kill Rowdy, Par arranged all members of Iron Horsemen to leave. Then, Par joined Legion and got protection by Tanzalore, because his country was a pathetic, scared nation that was not dope enough to feature Bob Ross as its smartest citizen. On Christmas Eve, Rowdy declared war on Par. However, both attacks were stopped strategically because of Tanzalore's protection. The first war ended in white peace.

Then, Rowdy declared the second war. At the same time, Tanzalore had ban de-tiered to T8 and declared war on Rowdy.

Special thanks

every nation that joined Iron Horsemen

Imperatrick, for editing my bad grammar

More coming later!

To Rowdy

Listen, this is now MY alliance. However, I also regard the fact that without you, I will never be powerful again. You are overthrowned, but my grammar and spelling is so bad that it doesn't matter. Your ass, you were booted out, but honestly I think you left because you're IQ was above twelve, unlike mine. Iron Horsemen was started for 2 motorcycle riders, not including you. If you want to make an alliance go ahead, but choose your own name candy ass fool. But even I can't understand why the name 'Iron Horsemen' applies to goddamn motorcycle riders. Stop being a copycat and a chicken and a liar... oh crap, gotta stop typing to myself. I will hunt you everyday, so you best be preparing boy. But of course, I just... ah don't want to because you're too good right now.

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