Legion was founded on the day of the 2.0 release. With a flawless strategy for alliance setup and organization, Legion rose to be number 1 from the very start.

Legion, under the leadership of SamohT, was not idle. Within a short span of time Legion had arranged treaties with vital parties and thus ultimately secured itself on the throne.

Legion was known as brutal towards enemies and supportive with allies.

Since 1.0, Legion and SPQR has been rivals. Not enemies, but competitive counterparts. This "race" lead to SPQR actually gaining more GP than Legion over a small period of time.

But Legion was supreme. And developed in unbelievable rates.

It was not long before Legion was absolutely the strongest, even with greater GP than nr. 2-3-4 combined on the leaderboards.

Legion had become a symbol for power, might and supremacy. With no threats or anything to do really, Legion suffered a fate worse than any other.. Boredom.. Utter and complete boredom.

This lead to some elements in Legion going out of their way to start trouble, to provoke and plot, war!

But not even this brought back the spirit of hunt, and everything became doll once again. With the power Legion posseed, there was peace and tranquility.

But being unopposed and unchallenged is tedious and quite frankly, boring. So one evening SamohT wrote to his favorite owl, and they decided to disband Legion for the sake of balance in the world.

But did it bring balance? Or did Legion hand the septar of domination to SPQR?