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This is a page dedicated to Union of Petram Powers Election Results.

Overlord Elections

As of 14/11/2018, there has been one Overlord Election

The First Election

At some point in late October 2018, ArcTheGreat and Tackywheat1, both inaugural Overlords of UPP announced that they would be stepping down on Nov 6th that year. Uchiha Reaper and SanderNorway both stood in this election. This resulted in a very tense election, as both candidates campaigned for different things.

Discord Name (Nation Name) Percentage of Votes Recieved
Uchiha Reaper (United Reich) 46.15%
SanderNorway (Kverka) 53.85%

Sander Norway became UPP's fourth Overlord.

Oligarch Elections

So far, there have been three elections (which is debatable, considering the first one wasn't really an election).

The First "Election"

On the 13th of September, 2018, the Overlords decided that they wanted another oligarch to serve alongside Soldier76 and United Reich. There were four candidates: abradyson, SanderNorway, TheUniverse and Herc. They were required to answer a question about why they would be the best for the position of Oligarch, however, only Herc answered, so he won the election immediately.

The Second Election

Around the 19th of October, 2018, Herc stepped down from the role of Oligarch. Originally, there were three candidates: abradyson, SanderNorway and TheUniverse, but after voting started, TheUniverse announced that he was leaving Nations. Lucius Madden filled in TheUniverse's spot.

Discord Name (Nation Name) Percentage of Votes Received
abradyson (Deriad) 38.4%
SanderNorway (Kverka) 53.8%
dog/Lucius Madden (Navia Imperiala) 7.8%

SanderNorway became UPP's fourth Oligarch.

The Third Election

When Arc and Tacky stepped down, there was also an election for Oligarch. The election was also tense, because all three candidates (Lucius Madden, abradyson, Herc) stood for different things.

Discord Name (Nation Name) Percentage of Votes Received
abradyson (Deriad) 50%
dog/Lucius Madden (Navia Imperiala) 40%
Herc (TheKnightdom) 10%

abradyson became UPP's fifth Oligarch.