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NationsGame, (formally known as Nations) is a simulator game that allows users to create their own countries and lead them down the path to becoming a superpower. Build towards a formidable economy and trade your goods on the international market. Or take other players' by storm, nation by nation, alliance by alliance.

Welcome to the Official Nations Wikia

(Prenote: This Wiki is incomplete and players are encouraged to post on the forum if they require information not curently listed.)

Nations is a free-to-play browser-based government/economic simulation game that allows you to create your own nation.

Choose your play style (production-focused, military-focused) and government type (socialist, dictatorship, or capitalist) and lead your people to glorious victory. Trade resources with other players, build up your armed forces, and dive into the political turmoil of alliances, peace treaties, and full-scale war.

Will you be the leader of the next superpower in the world of Nations?


Getting Started
Learn how to play the game

History of Petram
The often bloody past of Petram

Continents and Resources
An overall guide on Resources and Continents

How to defend your nation and attack your enemy


Nations Wikia is the official user-generated Wiki setup by Yupsie and Elpresidente. 

Please message Trent with any questions. 

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