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Navia Imperiala[1], officially referred to as the Grande Dictatorship of Imperial North, is an influential state that focuses on its economy, education, healthcare, standard of living, and most importantly, military strength/influence.



Before the founders came, there was a beautiful, resource rich land to be claim by the strongest and most prepared. Constatine Madden and his followers took the land with tactical force, and created the Imperial State of Nautilus. Nautilus was known for its military and its ability to recover from wars with frightening speed. However, the alliance known as the Equilibrium Syndicate, with their large, seemingly unbeatable forces chose to attack Nautilus for unknown reason. Historians today still speculate, but most believe that the attackers were simply cruel and unreasonable.


Nautilus... had to do what any reasonable nation would do. He had to manipulate a nation into giving him what he needed to win the wars. That nation was Fatboy, and he provided top quality defense that stopped the Equilibrium Syndicate temporarily. But as the ES was about to strike, several of their members were announced fakes/multis, were banned and promptly attack by many states including Nautilus.

But the president Constatine Madden died on Feburary 28, 2018.

Founding of Navia Imperiala

The very next day, Lucius Madden, the only son of Constatine Madden, decided to reform Nautilus into a more formidable force. He wanted to create a better future for Nautilus, so he changed many things... for the better.

  • The name Nautilus became Navia Imperiala
  • The system changed from a Capitalist Republic to a Capitalist Dictatorship
  • The military was given far more funding to create more influence and power

Geography & Environment

The land area of Navia Imperiala (overseas colonies included) is approximately 8,546 km2

Geography of Mainland

The mainland is and

The Mountains

The highest mountain in ND is Mt. Dolspitze, at 3,403 metres above sea level. It is located in the Dunnmere Ranges (the only mountain range in ND).

Name of Mountain Height Above Sea Level Location
Mt. Dolspitze 3,403 metres Dunnmere Ranges
Stüdelhorn 3,396 m Dunnmere Ranges
Greater Krottenkopf 3,261 m Kalevala
Lesser Krottenkopf 3,254 m Border of Kalevala & Eastern Züken
You might have noticed that all the people who decided the names of these mountains were either German or of German descent.

The Volcano

There is only one volcano in ND (Mt. Sivan). It is an active volcano (fortunately Deutsch citizens are smart enough not to build houses there).

The Deserts

There are no deserts in Mainland New Deutschland (the land in the map), however there is an overseas colony - The Huglin Territories - located in Zaheria.

The Wetlands

There are two main wetlands (main wetlands counts as a wetlands that is more than 10 km2 in size). They are both located in Eastern Mainland New Deutschland.

The Urban Areas

There are many urban areas in ND (the main cities are shown on the map).

List of Urban Areas in New Deutschland

== Government and Politics ==

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