The Ninth Symphony

The Ninth Symphony (TNS Since 10/20/18 by Everyone) is an alliance founded to serve the interests of veterans and newer players of the game. It intends to stay true to its roots, helping new players become some of the best while providing a base for some of the best to do what they do best. The Ninth Symphony believes it is best to always try to keep conflicts as diplomatic as possible but still maintains one of the games largest militaries.


In order of GP:

  1. falcon land
  2. Banana Republic
  3. Britinia
  4. Teutonia
  5. ChalponkeyUnion
  6. Malikovia
  7. Nagashima
  8. Atlas Republic
  9. Sevilla
  10. Nordic Union
  11. North Armenia


The Ninth Symphony keeps tight diplomatic relationships with many alliances throughout Petram. Many Non-Aggression Pacts and Mutual Defense Pacts are maintained.


The Ninth Symphony keeps NAPs with UCN, TCU, TRUMP and UPP. It also has MDPs with New BRICKS and BASIS. However it also keeps diplomatic relations with former UPA nations (TNS itself being a former UPA member and others. The Ninth Symphony is always open to starting new diplomatic relations.


The Ninth Symphony has no active enemies