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Mallues began playing NG in mid-late 2015 under the name Mallues. He was largely irrelevant in 1.0 besides being active on the forums (achieving top 3 upvoted status in 2017). In 1.0 his only notable accomplishments was being in the top mid 30s with 3.5ish million GP. In 2.0 is where the tale of Mallues gets interesting - His nation, The Holy Land is the 4th nation to ever be created in 1.0. He later founds an alliance called Academi with a friend named: ICBMSWORKS. The Holy Land does well initially, mantaining #1 status on the leaderboards for the first 4 or so days before he is usurped by a singaporean named Marked56. They became friends by day 5 of 2.0, this friendship leads to Mallues being banned for the first time as He and Marked engage in a bog standard case of manipulation of the markets. For some background, power and BMs were the most valuable resource in early 2.0 however as hydros became proliferated, powrs price fell. Mallues and Marked being the most active users at the time were netting significant amounts of gold in comparison to their fellow players - they used this gold to buy power at the 'low' price of 6 per and jack it up to 10-12 per. This netted them around 100,000 gold, a trivial amount now, but in those days it was more than entire alliances combined. A friend of Mallues's, Jacob Grox, was concerned and brought the matter to stian - Mallues ended up being banned for several days in the first case of market manipulation. This irrecovably damaged Mallues's prospects at being a top nation and ultimately was a large contributing factor to his downfall. The second banning of Mallues occured when he trolled a troll. A player going by Caspar was deliberately acting like he had autism and spamming global chat, Mallues proceeded to try to convince Casper he was his enstranged father. This all occured live in Nationsgame global chat while everyone from the NG discord laughed at his antics. The mods disagreed, not wanting to risk it in case Caspar was not a troll (retroactively they agreed he was) - Mallues was banned for another weekend. This contributed his demise as his populaiton fell over that period. Shortly after this, Mallues kickstarted what would ultimately lead to a great number of controversies - he discovered and exposed Ziekos's nation in 2.0. However, iltimately what led to Mallues's destruction was him having a spy in Legion. Acting rather retarded, Mallus did not hide it particuraly well, ultimately it was discovered (through his own stupidity). After this discovery, a secret tribunal was formed between Legion (and its underdog at the time - SPQR) to deside his fate. It was concluded that he would be executed and warred until he was driven out of the game. Marked valiantly tried to warn Mallues through subtle hints in his messages- but Mallues did not see the hints that were right in front of him.Mallues ultimately met his demise on the Thursday before Memorial Day Weekend, Jacob Grox & His Friend Imperatrick (and the alliance Blood Pact which would later merge with Retekan's alliance to form the Triarri - an early superpower) had declared on him. Unwilling to fight a war on the first day of his vacation and largely allieliess (besides Loki, who ironically was real life friends with Jacob Grox & Imperatrick), Mallues deleted his nation and publicly quit NG. He stayed around in the discords for a few months, but was ultimately driven out by himself.


The day after Mallues deleted his nation, he made a new one named Lanc with the username: Rift. Lanc had a rather slow rise to power, this was mainly due to burnout with NG. Rift would rarely log on and due to the harsh CG economy he suffered on the continent of Zaheria. Under the guise of being a new player - he joined Legion to destroy them from the inside out. Being rather paranoid - he suspected Blood Pact was a minion of Legion and was the first wave of their attack, thus he saw Legion as being the ultimate force to drive him out. He hid there and under the guise of being a new player - he sought the advice of Black Bugle - who at the time was the highest Zaherian Player. Rift's slow rise to power was excartbated by an crippling loss early in his stage. After playing for about 1 1/2 weeks on Lanc, Desert Fox Bodyguards went on sale - He recruited 12 and began training. However tragedy struck when he attempted a Venland - he lost all but 1. This ultimately killed his motivation to play nationsgame for months - ultimately delaying his rise to t10 by around 3-4 months. Rift remained in deep cover, only contacting marked, as he rose to power. Once he was tier 9, he felt a tad bit more at easte with being active. For the next 4 months he mantained a slow activity level - it was the rise of an alliance called PES (A reformation of MEU) that shocked him out of this complacency. Headed by G0ld and his friend Andelphia it soon became a superpower. This ascent was sharply halted when Rift pointed out Antiega was abusing the travel skip bug to farm Protohounds - Antiega was banned shortly thereafter. However, PES's rise could not be stopped, Seb and his friend A_Bot (A reincarnation of the nation/username iceland/xiej) soon replaced Antiega as new members of MEU. This came to a head in december when Antiega's ban expired and he rejoined as Talarand. Acting as a deep Legion loyalist (As he was thought to be - even after he revealed himself as Mallues) he became active under the guise of protecting Legions superiority. However tragedy struck when on new years eve, SamohT disbanded Legion. Overnight SPQR became the leading superpower as ex legion members flooded to SPQR, most notably Jazzy. However, Rift instead headed to PES, having noticed several Anti-Marked comments, he was deeply concerned. Rift acted as a spy for Marked against PES subtly informing him of their anti-SPQR plans. Febuary was when it came to a head, G0ld was confronted by Marked with many screenshots of Anti-Spqr sentiment, proof of spying, and other illicit activities. War came flooding upon G0ld. Like Mallues before him, he made a quiting speech in which he confessed his crimes, among them were TOS violations, all of which were in his eyes, for the good of the game. Soon after this, Operti Imperium was formed by Seb. A_bot and Talarand later joined it. At the same time, Rift began his rise to tier 10. Soon after he hit t10, he recruited his first divisions of GHs and B2s (The Forever Army; the ghs, and The Eternal Legion; the b2s). They were both lvl 15 and kitted out with full legendaries within the month. Unfortunately for SPQR, Operti Imperium quickly became stronger than them, this prompted Marked to return and refine his techniques for Insanes (which were later refined by Rift). However that could not stop Operti Imperium, they could've sweeped SPQR at any time, however A_bot quit and scripted on his way out. Seb quit as well, and later deleted. Talarand stayed, and would stay until he mysteriously quit months later. Thus Operti Imperium died. All was good for around a month and a half. Rift being very loyal to SPQR and Marked began training extensively and working within SPQR to strengthen it. He provided assistance through monetary means and guides to their new players. However as the weeks dragged on, and he worked tirelessly to improve SPQR, he became bitter. This came to a head when Deathbyduke (bless him) was promoted within SPQR while Rift stayed as a basic member. Irritated with SPQR he created his own alliance Zaherian Death Squad with Seb, A_bot, and Galine (who is rumoured to be g0ld, however this is likely untrue).


ZDS is deeply controversial within the Nationsgame community. Many within UOPA regard them as a blight, however it was initially started as preperation for 3.0. Seeking quick growth, Rift deployed troops to all of his allies and thus began the culling. 100s of wars were declared within a matter of days. This act was largely looked down upon the community, however no one in UOPA was warred - so they looked the other way. Later people fled to UOPA while they had active wars with Remnant, this lead to several controversies which were later resolved with Rift backing down and the 'victims' recieving white peace. However the damage was done, UOPA saw them not as an ally, but as a war monger picking on the weak. Thus they were not invited nor informed of the UOPA Secret Congress Discord Channel. As Remnant grew, ZDS decided it would be a bright idea (in hindsight it was retarded) to stage friendly wars as a means of transferring resources. Obviously it wasn't against the TOS explicitely so in the absence of Stian they went ahead and did it. However when stian PMed rift saying he frowned upon it, they stopped. No bans were handed out. Remnant ended up reaching Tier 10 in around 27 days. Due to their many controversies, ZDS was not trusted by OUPA. This lack of trust was felt by UOPA and war preperations were began. This lead to both Rift and Xiej playing NG 6+ (and even 8 or 10) hrs a day, 7 days a week, for around 2 months. This all came to a head when Rift had a physcological breakdown (This was due to a combination of playing NG for 8 hrs a day and losing 2 full divisions of lvl 15 Ghs/B2s with full legendaries to the BJ glitch. In PMs to marked he ranted about how 100s of hrs had just dissapeared.) and ended up quitting Nationsgame. Thus ended ZDS and his career in NG. He was to never return to Nationsgame. 

I'd ask for this wiki page to be left in its original form. If you wish for it to be edited, put your suggestions in the comments and I will edit them in.