"The Sanctuary of Petram was founded by Shag on January 4th, 2018. Before it, there were four alliances, the Enclave, New BRICKS, Ultra Union, and the United Nations of Germany. All of these former alliances send representatives, who make decisions on SoP wide matters. Otherwise, SoP's member alliances are quite autonomous. Its members are made up of a mixture of new players, recruited by the program known as the New Nations Recruitment Program (NNRP). The SoP's goals include providing a sanctuary (hence its name) for smaller nations, and quoting Shag, "

While we do not intend to have an extremely complicated government/structure/organization, we will simply make decisions by having former alliance leaders (or designated players, if independent nations join) discuss and vote.

We are a peaceful alliance and rather than creating pacts with everybody, we simply ask that by sheltering growing nations we are not attacked as a wholeOur members will be free to wage war on others, but please do not attack SoP as a whole because likely other members will not be related to ongoing wars. Remember, alliances within SoP will have a large degree of autonomy and their decisions do not usually reflect the decisions of the entire SoP. (However, we will probably create pacts with first-tier alliances just for the sake of diplomacy.)

Currently, we have two alliance members:

1. The Enclave

  • Leader: superguy187 (The CommonWealth)
  • Members:
    • Mythril
    • PeopleLand


  • Leader: QIMING (Incan Republic)
  • Members:
    • Abassi
    • Everest
    • IronWorks Inc.
    • Paxlornia

Any other alliances/players who are interested in joining are free to! If there are stronger players, we would gladly welcome you as well, as some of our members will need protection against "larger threats".

Thanks, and long live the Sanctuary of Petram!

-Shag, leader of the Shag Republic"


Pacts and Agreements

The Sanctuary of Petram, as noted in the beginning, is a peaceful alliance, though it will defend its members, hence "Sanctuary". The SoP is involved in quite a few pacts with major alliances, including:

  • Non-Aggression Pact with Senatus Populous Que Romanu
  • Non-Aggression Pact with the United Flock of Quackers

Even though this list is short, it will likely keep growing as the SoP engages in more agreements, not to mention all the pacts that member alliances have.


Operation Chicken Strike

The Sanctuary of Petram has not seen that much conflict, as it is a peaceful alliance, however, recently, operation Chicken Strike has been initiated. . This war is SoP's first major conflict, and Operation Chicken Strike's goal was to stop the alliance REEEEEE from raiding smaller nations, as the SoP is a sanctuary. So far, in Operation Chicken Strike, the attackers have successfully won the Battle for Chicken Topia, and a second offensive is expected to be launched.


The SoP does not have many rules and does not maintain a complex government. So far, its rulebook consists of two laws.

The Law of Abrogation

If an alliance member of the Sanctuary of Petram has previously had any pacts, agreements, or other understandings with other alliances or nations, they can still exist while they are a member within the Sanctuary of Petram.

HOWEVER, if the Leader or a vote among Representatives decides to abrogate said agreements due to conditions that warrant it, they shall be temporarily invalidated.

The Law of Confidentiality

If any member nation discloses information specifically labeled as CONFIDENTIAL without prior approval from Shag, they shall be expelled from the alliance. This is to protect the security and integrity of our alliance.

New BRICKS Faction

New BRICKS, originally called BRICKS before it was merged with The Union of Middle-Petram, was a tier 2 alliance consisting of Incan Republic, Nautilus, Abassi, Paxlornia, Everest, and IronWorks Inc.