The Sanctuary of Petram is an alliance led by Shag (New Shaggleton). A unique, first-of-its-kind alliance, it consists of factions, former alliances that join the SoP in exchange for defense, protection, and an identity within Petram. The factions are promised adequate autonomy to lead their own operations, and defense by the SoP in times of war. When the entire SoP falls under attack by a foreign nation, the entire alliance will band together to protect themselves.

SoP's simple yet efficient government consists of one major role: the Representative. These are usually either faction leaders (former alliance leader) or the most powerful elites. Representatives, as their name implies, represent their faction in making decisions regarding the entire alliance. They are also important pillars of the alliance, with roles in communication and war.

SoP currently has six factions: New BRICKS, Greatest Countries, TGG21, the Quantum Theory, Gucci Gang, and the Confederacy of Independent Nations.

The SoP is a UPA Founding Member (see below, Diplomacy).


Pacts and Agreements

The Sanctuary of Petram, as noted in the beginning, is a peaceful alliance, though it will defend its members, hence "Sanctuary".

The SoP is a founding member of the Union of Petramic Alliances, an inter-alliance mega treaty that currently consists of Senatus Populus Que Romanu, the Sui Generis Order, the Sanctuary of Petram, the Branding Equestrians, the NATO Republic, the Union of Nations, and the Celtic Union. Together the UPA is considered by many to be the most powerful entity in the game, besides Stian himself.

In addition to the UPA the SoP also has friendly relations with other smaller alliances. We take it as our responsibility to ensure justice and balanced, fair relations among Petram, and therefore we will protect other alliances from unjust threats even if they do not concern us.


Operation Chicken Strike

The Sanctuary of Petram has not seen that much conflict, as it is a peaceful alliance, however, recently, operation Chicken Strike has been initiated. . This war is SoP's first major conflict, and Operation Chicken Strike's goal was to stop the alliance REEEEEE from raiding smaller nations, as the SoP is a sanctuary.

Operation Chicken Strike was a success- a debriefing can be found in the (now-deleted) forums.

Operation Sunset

Never happened.

Operation Vindicta

The SoP's leader, Shag, was inactive for a week, and though their nation was paused, the feature was broken allowing various Tier 4s to successfully invade him. When Shag returned he exacted his revenge in Operation Vindicta, a currently ongoing operation which targets the alliance Caseus Ordinis Magno, led by Telaphicar, and the rogue nation Clarence River.

Operation Malteser

The alliance Jeff had provoked three members of the UPA, namely SPQR, TCU, and the SoP. Therefore, the entire UPA declared war on Jeff. This operation is currently ongoing, and despite the dissolution of Jeff after being threatened by the UPA, certain targets are still being attacked due to continued aggression.

New BRICKS Faction

New BRICKS, originally called BRICKS before it was merged with The Union of Middle-Petram, was a tier 2 alliance consisting of Incan Republic, Nautilus, Abassi, Paxlornia, Everest, and IronWorks Inc., when it merged. Today, it has grown and evolved to encompass the nations of Incan Republic, Boss, Weherpo, Everest, Navia Imperiala, and Cuban Empire. It is led by Qiming, and it has it's own discord, own mechanisms (such as the NBRWS (New BRICKS Readiness for War Status), message chain, etc.), own rules, and it's own pacts, such as the Order of Eirini and a Mutual Defense Pact with the Knights of Petram.