"The Age of Extermination": The United Nations (UN), the Communist Bloc (TCB), the International Union (IU), and select raiders against the Association for Sovereignty, Neutrality, and Peace (SNP).

On July 25th, 2015, Ceres of the United Nations attacked Itani Corsus, leader of the SNP. This action was followed promptly by Blazer of the United Nations, and escalated when TCB joined alongside the UN nations to raid the SNP.

On July 28th, 2015, the reigning chaos spread to another alliance, Grand Imperial Order.

Players involved (not all, nor in any particular order):

  • Ceres, UN
  • Blazer, UN
  • Freezepond, TCB (Former UN)
  • Zenny, TCB
  • DanialTP, TCB
  • Hirohito, TCB
  • Mesanic, UN
  • Jacob Grox, TCB
  • ProACE, UN
  • Grin, TCB
  • Alucardx13, UN
  • LordPhoenix, TCB
  • Legendiaryl, IU
  • ComradeJone, TCB
  • Sodabox, SNP
  • Itani Corsus, SNP
  • Rink, SNP

On July 28th, Blazer posted a thread on the forums announcing the collection of raidson the SNP.

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