Now, I already have a page on this on the forums ( which you can check out if you want. This, however, will only give you a briefer overview without as much roleplay. First, the description by the game:

About Incan Republic

Incan Republic is a coastal industrious and sprawling capitalist republican nation ruled by President QIMING. Its capital Grdaimimgvom is situated on the temperate continent of Westberg.

Incan Republic is a member of the alliance Sanctuary of Petram.

The world-covering borders of Incan Republic surround innumerable forests, numerous jungles, plenty of mountains, a few deserts, numerous cleared land, numerous lakes, numerous rivers, numerous grasslands, many tundra and innumerable urban areas.

The known flora is very diverse and includes some rubber trees, some unicorn grass, some grapevines, a few herbs, many apple trees, a few coffea, many kingwood, numerous oak trees, many hops and some cotton.

The known fauna is very diverse and includes numerous deer, numerous cows, innumerable sheep, some beehives, some yaks, some foxes and plenty of panthers. A few mackerels, numerous cods, some whales, a few sharks, many salmon and plenty of shrimps are found outside the coast of Incan Republic.

Under the surface the geologists have found tiny amounts of iron, some coal, tiny amounts of uraninite, tiny amounts of sulfur, tiny amounts of saltpeter, little marble, tiny amounts of gold, tiny amounts of silver, tiny amounts of platinum, loads of bauxite and some lead.

Like few other nations little crude deep sea oil is found within the Incan borders.

The technological advancements of Incan Republic is adequate, and their military power is adequate.

Next, the roleplay summary of the Incan Republic:

The Incan Republic is a moderately powerful, influential, and democratic nation based mostly on a peninsula in north-west Westberg. It is ruled by a government prioritizing the will of the people and, thus, a direct democracy, with President Qiming as its president. It advocates the environment, cultural diversity, tolerance, freedom, world peace, the destruction of poverty and hunger, human rights, a fair economy, and education.


The History of the Incan Republic is long, though the description in "Incan Republic is good enough. If you want to, feel free to use my *other* page on the forums for more details.

However, as the forums are down, a more detailed summary will be presented here.

Several Petramic years ago, the world of Petram was in an age of empires, rising and falling. Among these empires were the Empire of Dimphathe and the Sphetmahea Empires. Both were powerful, and they were rivals. In this time period, the continent of Westberg had just been discovered, and these powerful rivals quickly tried to gain influence on the continent by colonizing it. Up to this point, Westberg was inhabited by native Westberg tribes, the most powerful of which in Incania was Asmocor, controlling most of the region of Daiplavain.

The Empire of Dimphathe was a powerful empire, its capital on San Sebastian, Drouegover. It was much like the World equivalent of the Roman Empire, and shared its culture. Founded by Araneus Diocletius, it became a powerful force in Petram, and has left a lasting mark on the Incan Republic. In the Age of Discovery, its Emperor was Daedamous Maro, and Maro ruled with an anti-Sphetmahea agenda. When Westberg was discovered, he immediately sent Iarl Mingston, an officer in the Dimphathe Navy and a former native of Vasceau, a small kingdom sharing Viking culture, to Westberg to explore the continent, and specifically, Incania.

Mingston went to the Mountain of Graidmium, and claimed it for the Empire of Dimphathe, without realizing that he had trespassed on territory of the Federation of Asmocor. The leader of Asmocor, Tiilaqiia, was angry, and sent a delegation to greet the explorers. Mingston, seeing how primitive Asmocor was, immediately killed the delegation. Only 1 native of Asmocor escaped, and the native was infected by Vextilociosis, a deadly disease brought by Mingston's expedition of around 400 explorers. The native spread Vextilociosis across the entire population of Asmocor, and their Army was weakened severely. However, Asmocor did manage to kill about 350 explorers.

When Mingston returned to Drouegover, Maro immediately called for a task force to invade and destroy the Federation of Asmocor.


Recent History

Then, recent history began. (Please note, the one on the forums is outdated). Essentially, after the League of Nations war, The Union of Middle-Petram, and for a while New BRICKS, New BRICKS merged with Sanctuary of Petram. New BRICKS received basic autonomy and is still part of SoP today.

And that concludes "History".


The Incan Republic maintains a relatively mediocre military. However, backed by the Sanctuary of Petram, the Incan Republic's military will always guard their homeland fiercely.. The Incan Military Doctrine has always been geared towards defense, with a diverse defense division and support from the Sanctuary of Petram as well as the New BRICKS Faction. The Incan Republic has never declared a war of conquest since the Incan Invasion of Tind against Xuandaildion. Today, the Incan Republic continues to enjoy the protection of a fairly powerful military.

Wars the IR fully engaged in (that I can remember):

Nation aggression against Incan Republic:

This was a war in which United Nation declared war against the IR, but eventually peace was reached. This happened right after the formation of the alliance that would become BRICKS.

The League of Nations - BRICKS Wars (Series of 3 wars):

This group of wars included the Jotsonian aggression against Veruvia, in which Malted Jotson invaded Veruvia and annexed it, the Great Azadeshi war against Northerners, in which BRICKS, in response to the Veruvian annexation, declared war against North Republic (LoN), and lost, and the Altrightistani Exploitation War against Veruvia, which ended in the annexation of Veruvia by Altrightistan. These three deadly wars eventually led to a PIAT pact with LoN and BRICKS.

Incan Invasion of Tind: Xuandaldion

This was the only war which the IR launched without a provocation and which ended in the Annexation of Xuandaldion, leading to the IR seizing Ukalf Colony.

Ryatzkan Aggression Against Incan Republic

This was a war in which the Ryatzka Empire declared war against the Incan Republic without good reason. There were no casualties in this war, as Ryatzka Empire did not have a defense division.

Ret Aggression Against Incan Republic

Essentially the same as Ryatzka.


This was a war in which Francia attacked the Incan Republic. The Incan Republic was crushed and had to pay war compensations.

Sorry to do this to you, your a nice guy

This was a war in which New Shaggleton attacked the Incan Republic. The Incan Republic won once and then lost (battles). After this war, BRICKS merged with SoP, and Incan-Shaggleton relations are double-thumbs-up.

Operation Chicken Strike

This has an article on the forums, essentially an SoP attack against REEEEE. (First SoP Operation)

And this concludes the list of wars the Incan Republic participated in.



The Incan Republic is situated mostly on the continent of Westberg, though it does have plenty of overseas territories. The largest overseas territory is of course, Breiðdalsreykir (capital: Kemipää). It has a population of 425,767, has over 100 kilometers of urban areas and quite a lot of jungle. Other overseas territories include the Incan Colony in Xuandaldion, officially called Ukalf Colony with its capital in Xuan City, ISRE (Incan Settlement in Ryatzka Empire, officially called Spitudan Settlement, capital Port of Ryatzka, ISR, Incan Settlement in Ret, officially Ter Settlement, capital Port of Ter, the Incan Exclusive Economic Zone on Amarino ((commonly known as Inclucone) (capital Pihyhl City)), and the Incan Exclusive Economic Zone on Zaheria ((commonly known as Inexcozo) (capital: Qlocehn City)). However, the Incan Republic's main territory is in Westberg. The mainland Incan Republic is divided into 13 states and 1 territory. The thirteen states are shown on this map (I'm working on a new one). There is also a massive territory known as Sesnark Territory, surrounding completely, the sea of Sesnark. It is very close to becoming a state. Its capital, Rusaidion, is located on the Straits of Sesnark, the chokepoint for all ships sentering the Sea of Sesnark, and the Headquarters of the Grand Incan Navy's Sesnark Fleet. Other large cities in the Sesnark Territory include Nikunanuka, Amaileia, Niniga'one, Bambalevu, Pachakuti City and Tonuhihifo. President Qiming is working on a new, better map with colors soon. Stay tuned!

Incan Map2