Now, I already have a page on this on the forums ( which you can check out if you want. This, however, will only give you a briefer overview without as much roleplay. First, the description by the game:

About Incan Republic

Incan Republic is a coastal industrious and sprawling capitalist republican nation ruled by President QIMING. Its capital Graidmimgvom is situated on the temperate continent of Westberg.

Incan Republic is a member of the alliance Sanctuary of Petram.

The gigantic borders of Incan Republic surround innumerable forests, many jungles, numerous mountains, a few deserts, numerous cleared land, numerous lakes, many rivers, numerous grasslands, some tundra and innumerable urban areas.

The known flora is very diverse and includes a few rubber trees, a few unicorn grass, a few herbs, some apple trees, a few coffea, some oak trees and a few cotton.

The known fauna is very diverse and includes numerous deer, numerous cows, many sheep, some beehives, some yaks and some foxes. Many cods, a few sharks, numerous salmon and some shrimps are found outside the coast of Incan Republic.

Under the surface the geologists have found tiny amounts of iron, some coal, tiny amounts of saltpeter, tiny amounts of marble, tiny amounts of gold, tiny amounts of silver, tiny amounts of bauxite and little lead.

Like few other nations tiny amounts of crude deep sea oil is found within the Incan borders.

The technological advancements of Incan Republic is adequate, and their military power is adequate.


The History of the Incan Republic is long, though the description in "Incan Republic is good enough. If you want to, feel free to use my *other* page on the forums for more details.

So, a brief summary. Feel free to check the forums.

The land that the Incan Republic rests on was colonized by the Empire of Dimphathe and the Sphetmahea Empire. Eventually, Sphetmahea Empire, among others, banded together to destroy the Empire of Dimphathe. Dimphathe won, under the command of Iarl Mingston, a native of Vasceau who greatly expanded Dimphathe's wealth and power. Dimphathe continued its exploration of the present-day Incan Republic (Lyconides Tetricus). However, then, mutiny occurred, against Mingston, and he died. Dimphathe fell to the Warring Entities Period, in which Dimphathe's regions all went to war with each other. Dimphathe's Ichith eventually grew powerful, and the Ichithian Empire was founded by Khurchakhus. However, after the Salashian Wars (Daiplavain and the GA against the Ichithian Empire), Ichith basically became post-war Germany. Soon, however, Qiming founded the Daiplavain Reformation Party, which, with support from Ichith and the Ochainian Empire, won independence from Daiplavain, and the Incan Republic was born.

Then, recent history began. (Please note, the one on the forums is outdated). Essentially, after the League of Nations war, The Union of Middle-Petram, and for a while New BRICKS, New BRICKS merged with Sanctuary of Petram. New BRICKS received basic autonomy and is still part of SoP today.

And that concludes "History".


The Incan Republic maintains a relatively mediocre military. However, backed by the Sanctuary of Petram, the Incan Republic's military will always guard their homeland fiercely. The bulk of the Incan Military is made up of Infantry, Plump Tanks, and RPG Infantry. However, the Incan Military is modernizing rapidly and already has concrete bunkers, engineers, T-72 Tanks, Navy SEALs, snipers, mortar infantry, F-35 Lightning II, MQ-9 Reaper, M2 Bradley and M1A1 Abrams Tank.



The Incan Republic is situated mostly on the continent of Westberg, though it does have plenty of overseas territories. The largest overseas territory is of course, Breiðdalsreykir (capital: Kemipää). It has a population of 425,767, has over 100 kilometers of urban areas and quite a lot of jungle. Other overseas territories include the Incan Colony in Xuandaldion, officially called Ukalf Colony with its capital in Xuan City, ISRE (Incan Settlement in Ryatzka Empire, officially called Spitudan Settlement, capital Port of Ryatzka, the Incan Exclusive Economic Zone on Amarino (capital Pihyhl City), and the Incan Exclusive Economic Zone on Zaheria (capital: Qlocehn City). However, the Incan Republic's main territory is in Westberg. The mainland Incan Republic is divided into 13 states and 1 territory. The thirteen states are shown on this map (I'm working on a new one). There is also a massive territory known as Sesnark Territory, surrounding completely, the sea of Sesnark. It is very close to becoming a state. Its capital, Rusaidion, is located on the Straits of Sesnark, the chokepoint for all ships sentering the Sea of Sesnark, and the Headquarters of the Grand Incan Navy's Sesnark Fleet. Other large cities in the Sesnark Territory include Nikunanuka, Amaileia, Niniga'one, Bambalevu, and Tonuhihifo.

Incan Map2