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Nations Patch and Update History.

The following is an unbiased summary of World Events in Petram. Individual pages for Wars may be freely created at whim, just make sure to link them in here!

World History

Official Release (April)

  • April 26th: Nations emerged from a two year long Beta-phase, congrats!




  • January 5th: the Sanctuary of Petram (SoP), led by Shag, is founded with two factions: The Enclave and New BRICKS.


  • December 30th: SamohT declares the end of Legion, leaving SPQR to become the largest alliance by GP.



  • March 3rd: Tinoc declares war on the Union of Fascist States, starting the Sacred War.
  • March 4th: The Battle of the Bloodbath starts at 7:35 and ends at 9:00. Tinoc wins a marginal victory; however, both sides suffer heavy losses. After peace negotiations fail to reach a solution, SPQR intervenes.
  • March 29th: The Celtic Union, a close ally of SPQR and later a UPA member, is founded.


  • April 23rd: the UPA dispatches an official Declaration of War against the alliance "Jeff" for provoking its members. Shortly after, the former-ZDS member Remnant (xiej) posts defense to all of its members before being banned for glitching units.


  • June 11th: The NATO Republic is kicked from UPA. The NATO Republic and a few other people plotted to betray the UPA and attack all the UPA middle tiers. The UPA caught them and they are at war with each other.


  • July 8th: SoP (Sanctuary of Petram) and TBE (The Branding Equestrians) merge to form the Paladins of Petram (PoP).